‘NY Times’ Was Hit By New Nimda Worm

By: Wayne Robins

The disruption of Internet access at The New York Times Tuesday was caused by Nimda.E, a new strain of the Nimda.A worm that caused havoc on numerous computer systems in mid-September.

“According to our technical people, they determined it was a case of Nimda.E virus, which originated in the Asia-Pacific region,” Catherine Mathis, a New York Times spokeswoman said Wednesday. “It basically affected our ability to access the Internet, internally. The primary problem was lack of Internet access.”

Full access inside the Times appeared to have been restored by Wednesday morning, she said.

Nimda.E was first recognized Monday in Korea and Australia, CNET’s News.com reported on Tuesday. But at the time, Trend Micro and Network Associates, two leading antivirus companies, expected the worm to remain limited to the Far East.

According to CNET, the worm infects PCs and servers through e-mails and replicates itself by gathering e-mail addresses from infected computers.

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