‘NYT’ Carries Photos of Funerals at Arlington Cemetery for Iraq Fallen

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Images of the remains of Americans killed in Iraq as they are brought home for burial, or laid to rest, are often prohibited or at least discouraged by the military, local officials or families. The Washington Post frequently covers funerals at Arlington Cemetery, but The New York Times today presents a photo essay — starting on its front page — to mark what it calls the “regularity” of such moments with the U.S. death toll in Iraq and Afghanistan soaring past 100 this month.

One photo appears on the front page and several inside. A fuller gallery appears online.

Several pictures show the family of a Corporal Johnson at a graveside service at Arlington Cemetery. Another shows a caisson carrying the coffin holding a Capt. Adcock, his wife trailing behind in the rain.

Then there’s the wife and familly of Chief Warant Officer Dyer, also at Arlington. Services for three other of the fallen are also shown online.

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