‘NYT’ Corrects Article That Fingered Iraqi Official in Saddam Hanging Video

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By: E&P Staff

The New York Times ran a major correction today, after a front-page article on Wednesday caused significant consternation in the top-levels of the Iraqi government.

That article by John F. Burns and James Glanz revealed that a top Iraqi official had been identified by one source as the possible man who shot, and leaked, footage of Saddam Hussein during and after his recent execution, which has triggered an outburst of criticism inside and outside that country.

But today, the Times’ correction backtracks:

“A front-page article yesterday about an Iraqi government investigation of the abusive behavior at the execution of Saddam Hussein, including the unauthorized cellphone camera recording of it, misstated the account of a witness who said he saw two others there holding cellphone cameras aloft to record Mr. Hussein?s final moments. While the witness, Munkith al-Faroun, a prosecutor at Mr. Hussein?s trial, said both of the others were officials, he did not identify one of them as Mowaffak al-Rubaie, the national security adviser. Mr. Rubaie, who could not be reached for comment in the article, said yesterday that he had handed his cellphone to security officials an hour before the hanging and had not recorded it.”

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