‘NYT’ Returns to Story of Joe O’Donnell — And Photos He Did Not Take

By: E&P Staff

In a front-page story today, Michael Wilson of The New York Times traces the dispute over several famous news photos that the late Joe O’Donnell claimed as his own but turned out to have been snapped by others.

Earlier, the newspaper, and others, ran corrections on obituaries that followed O’Donnell’s death in August which contained false attribution of photos. The Wilson story today expands on that, denying his association with not only the iconic picture of John-John Kennedy saluting his father’s coffin but also the Nixon “kitchen cabinet debate” and others. But it observes that his claim to have created historic photographs from Hiroshima and Nagasaki has not been “unproven.”

E&P became involved in the controversy this month, publishing a lengthy letter from O’Donnell’s son, Tyge O’Donnell, which explained that his father had become mentally impaired in old age and may have honestly thought some of these photos were actually his.

The Wilson story is available at www.nytimes.com.

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