NYT’s 58 Blogs Suffer Outages

By: E&P Staff


Where were you when the blogs went out?

For more than 12 hours, the NYT‘s entire blog system went suddenly, quietly dark — giving the paper’s millions of online users no access to any of its 58 blogs’ postings or archives.

Amazingly, not a single one of those readers has twittered the news, and the Great Blogout of 2010 has also escaped the notice of a vigilant army of media websites. Does this mean no one actually reads the NYT blogs?

Approximately 12 hours ago, the NYT twitter feed sent out this message to its 2.7 million followers:

We’re working hard to get our blogs back up and running. Stay tuned.

It wasn’t clear from that tweet when the blogout happened, although The NYTPicker recalls getting an error message on a blog as early as yesterday afternoon. That message can now now seen by anyone clicking on any blog.

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