NYT’s Thomas Friedman Among ‘P.U.-litzer’ Winners

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By: E&P Staff

New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman is among the winners of the 2006 “P.U.-litzer Prizes” announced today by Creators Syndicate columnist Norman Solomon.

Friedman was given the “Fact-Free Trade” Award by Solomon, whose piece was posted on HuffingtonPost.com. The Creators columnist wrote: “In a press corps prone to cheer on corporate-drafted trade agreements as the key to peace and plenty in the world, no cheerleader is more fervent than Tom Friedman.”

Solomon continued: “During a CNBC interview with Tim Russert in July, Friedman confessed: ‘I was speaking out in Minnesota … and a guy … in the audience said, ‘Mr. Friedman, is there any free trade agreement you’d oppose?’ I said, ‘No, absolutely not.’ I said, ‘You know what, sir? I wrote a column supporting the CAFTA, the Caribbean Free Trade initiative. I didn’t even know what was in it. I just knew two words: free trade.’ (Friedman may not have read even the pact’s title; CAFTA actually stands for the Central America Free Trade Agreement.)”

The “P.U.-litzer Prizes” have been given out for 15 years.

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