‘NYT’ Sunday Preview: Alec Baldwin Wants to be Governor of New York

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By: E&P Staff

In an interview for tomorrow’s New York Times Magazine, actor Alec Baldwin reveals that if he decides to run for office “the thing I would like to be is governor New York.” He claims he would “love” to spend time in Albany and other upstate cites, at least partly because his mother now lives in Syracuse.

Is he qualified? The liberal activist says the thing he “hates” about Arnold Schwarzenegger is his “only credentials are that he ran a fitness program under some bygone president….I’m Tocqueville compared to Arnold Schwarzenegger. ”

Why not run for governor of California? “Then I would have to live in California. And who wants to live in California?”

Baldwin also said that he has a great relationship with his conservative Christian brother Stephen, and his brother Billy “is loved by all. See, that is something I don’t have in my life. I want to be adored.”

Finally, he said he can count the movies he has worked in that he really loves on the fingers of one hand.

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