‘NYT’ Sunday Preview: Eleanor Clift, Who Wrote Book on Prospect of a Woman President, Hints She Voted for Obama

By: E&P Staff

Did well-known columnist and TV pundit Eleanor Clift, co-author of the book “Madam President: Shatterign the Last Glass Ceiling,” vote for Barack Obama over Hillary Clinton? It certainly seems that way, based on her comments in a New York Times Magazine interview by Deborah Solomon coming this Sunday.

Asked who she voted for in the recent D.C. primary, Clift at first says she doesn’t want to answer, she likes both of the Democratic frontrunners. Reminded that she had written the “Madam President” book, she admits, “How can I not vote for Hillary Clinton?” then hints she did just that: “I agonized over the vote. President Clinton, in the lead-up to the South Carolina primary, wanted to make it hdard for Democrats to vote against his wife. Instead, by seeming to inject race, he made it easy. That’s all I am going to say.”

Clift also explains that her first husband, Brooks Clift, was the older brother of actor Montgomery Clift. her second husband died recently, which she write about in her new book. “Two Weeks of Life.”

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