‘NYT’ Sunday Preview: The Shays Rebellion

By: E&P Staff

In an interview to be published in Sunday’s New York Times Magazine, Christopher Shays, the moderate Republican congressman from Connecticut, says that his party “does seem lost. The party of Abraham Lincoln is in danger of becoming the party of the church.”

Shays, the first Repubilican to call for the resignation of Rep. Tom DeLay, also said: “The problem with Tom DeLay is that he does everything to the extreme. He has consistently pushed his ethical behavior to the edge, and sometimes he goes over the edge. There will always be more stories about Tom. This is the way he conducts business. With regard to those trips, he is aware of far more than he has said publicly.”

But Shays said he is not leading a charge to oust him because that “would be a full-time job.”

He also disclosed that he would never switch parties, calling the Democratic Party “a collection of special interests” that “define” it. Republicans may vote the way business interests want them to vote, but “that’s the way we feel” anyway.

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