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Today’s Headlines Surpasses One Million Subscribers

NYTimes.com, The New York Times’ Web site, launched three
new e-mail products Wednesday and will launch another Thursday.

Already offering news alerts, weekly newsletters, and other e-
mail products, NYTimes.com launched Your Money, Travel Dispatch,
and Circuits Wednesday, which cover personal finance, travel, and
the Internet.

New York Happenings, which will cover local events, launches

The Web site has also offered event-related e-mail, including a
daily Olympics e-mail and a Campaign Countdown e-mail. More than
72,000 readers signed up for the campaign e-mail.

Scott Meyer, vice president and general manager of NYTimes.com,
called e-mails “a win-win product. They provide our readers with
a new way to receive the quality content they’ve come to expect
from NYTimes.com and they provide advertisers with an excellent
opportunity for one-to-one targeting.”

The daily e-mail known as “Today’s Headlines,” which includes
headlines from the site’s main sections, now has more than one
million unique subscribers, the company reports.

Meyer said plans are underway for additional e-mail products.

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