Obama Opposes Bush Plan — Wants to Go Beyond Resolution Against It

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By: E&P Staff

Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois, suddenly a leading Democratic spokesman, blasted President Bush’s plan, announced tonight, to send more than 20,000 new U.S. troops to Iraq — and said that he favored going beyond the non-binding resolution his party will put forward hitting the idea.

Obama said that with the defection of three more Republican Senators today he expects “we will get 51 votes” for that resolution. But he added that more needed to be done the Senate to constrain the new Bush plan which he said was opposed by most Americans and “experts” on the issue.

He did not say exactly what that might mean, but said Sen. Harry Reid and others were studying various measures and he did not feel their were “constitutional” reasons more serious challenges could not be tried. He said the limits might be “institutional” and the desire to make sure any funding moves would not put any troops currently in Iraq in any jeopardy.

He also revealed that he had met for a long discussion with Secretary of State Rice before the speech, where he told her that he believed this was not a partisan debate but one that all sides must join.

Obama touted the note sent by conservative Republican Sen. Sam Brownback today from Baghdad, opposing the Bush plan.

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