By: Lucia Moses

Market Heats Up As Times Goes Morning

Roger Oglesby knows plenty about the rough-and-tumble world of
newspaper competition. For the past two years he’s run the Los
Angeles Times ‘ edition in Orange County, one of the most
competitive newspaper markets in the country.

Oglesby will be on familiar ground when he takes over the
publisher/editor’s job at the Seattle Post-Intelligencer . The
Hearst Corp. tapped him to lead the morning newspaper as it
prepares to compete directly with the Seattle Times , which
converts from the afternoon to the a.m. cycle on March 6.

Oglesby, 51, is not only used to competition, he embraces it. ‘I
think competition is very good for newspapers,’ says Oglesby, who
has a background in media law and business as well as journalism.
‘It’s a very good thing for journalists, and the readers
benefit.’ He replaces J.D. Alexander, 61, who becomes assistant
to Hearst Newspapers President George Irish. In addition, P-I
Managing Editor Ken Bunting rises to executive editor.

The Times ‘ weekday circulation leads the P-I ‘s, but declined
3.5% in the six months ended Sept. 30 to 219,698 while the P-I
‘s lost 2.6% to 191,169.

The publisher change caught many at the P-I by surprise but
seemed to quell speculation that Hearst wants to abandon the
Seattle market. ‘If anything, I think it’s an indication that the
Hearst Corp. is serious about competing in this market,’ said
Gene Achziger, a copy editor at the P-I and president of the
Pacific Northwest Newspaper Guild, which represents employees at
both dailies.

Succeeding Oglesby at the L.A. Times is Steven U. Lee, a
marketing expert who is president of the L.A. Times ‘ Inland
Valley/ San Gabriel Valley region.


Lucia Moses (luciam@mediainfo.com ) is associate editor for
Editor & Publisher magazine.

(c) Copyright 2000, Editor & Publisher

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