Oklahoma Student Newspaper Attaches Condoms to Publication


Latex condoms attached to the front of the student newspaper greeted readers at the University of Oklahoma on Tuesday.

It was the second straight year the staff of The Oklahoma Daily distributed condoms with the paper as part of National Condom Week and an effort to generate discussion on campus about the issue of sexuality and condom use, said Tres Savage, the paper?s editor-in-chief.

?The purpose behind it is to bring a significant public health issue to the forefront, right on the front of the paper where you can?t miss it,? said Savage, a senior at OU.

About 11,000 condoms of various brands were taped to the front of the newspapers, which are distributed free on the OU campus and throughout the Norman community. The condoms were provided by Planned Parenthood and the Infectious Diseases Institute at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, Savage said.

Savage said the paper received only three complaints last year from students who thought the condoms were inappropriate.

?Last year, I was surprised we didn?t get more heat,? Savage said. ?I thought that was a positive sign that people recognize the importance of the issue.?

Ryan Dragg, a management information systems and accounting senior, said he thought the distribution of condoms was a good idea.

?I think it?s smart to make people aware,? Dragg said.

?I think the majority of us know the importance of condoms and safe sex, but there might be some kids out there who have led sheltered lives, and if this can help prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases in Norman, then I?m all for it.?

Tuesday?s edition of the paper also included a series of articles about sexuality and STDs.

?Besides the condom being on the front page, I really feel we were able to do a solid job of getting some information out there and creating a media project that people are able to take something away from,? Savage said. ?The condom on the front just grabs their attention.?

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