‘Omaha World-Herald’ Dropping ‘Cathy,’ Dozen Others While Adding ‘Get Fuzzy’ and Three More

By: E&P Staff

In a major change to its daily “Living” features section, the Omaha World-Herald is dropping a baker’s dozen of venerable comic strips, and replacing them with four newer strips plus more locally-oriented content.

“Change among our comics is years overdue,” World-Herald Executive Editor Mike Reilly wrote in a column Sunday. “Many of the comics we dropped no longer are drawn by the same person, a relative or even an apprentice. The comics have drifted — in their story lines, character development, story pace.”

There are budgetary reasons as well, he told readers: “Some of these older comics are rather expensive.”

Leaving the World-Herald will be such well-known strips as “Cathy,” “Sally Forth,” “Hagar the Horrible” and “Love is.”

Continuity strips took a major whack. Out is “Gil Thorp,” “Mary Worth,” “Rex Morgan,” “Gasoline Alley” and “Prince Valiant.”

Rounding out the excised strips is “Drabble,” “Adam@Home,” “For Better or For Worse,” “Willy ‘n Ethel,” “Non Sequitur” and “Andy Capp.”

“Dennis the Menace” and “Shoe” are being dropped from the daily paper, but will run on Sundays.

“We are adding four funny and cutting-edge comics,” Reilly wrote. The new strips — “Get Fuzzy,” “Between Friends,” “Fort Knox” and “The Flying McCoys” — will run daily and Sundays.

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