Omnipress Launches New Digital Publishing Platform Using Atex Web CMS Technology

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Melbourne, FL – Atex, a leading supplier of Content Management, Advertising and Audience workflow solutions (, is pleased to announce that Omnipress, provider of educational content solutions for associations, has released its new Digital Publishing Platform (DPP) powered by Atex Web CMS technology. The Omnipress DPP hosts a wide body of digital content, including course materials, standards, policy books, session hand-outs, magazines, journals, and directories. The new platform, which is based on the Atex Polopoly architecture, also features a myriad of publishing capabilities like full-text and faceted search, access control, subscription management, digital rights management, and eCommerce.

“The DPP was developed specifically to help associations manage the changing environment of the publishing world. With all of the transformation in how content is distributed and consumed by users, we know associations were having a difficult time keeping up,” states Steve Manicor, Vice President of Business Development. “The DPP was developed so an association doesn’t have to make a large capital investment to offer a complete publishing solution to its members. It is designed to scale, based on use; some associations may host a single publication, while others create a complete eLibrary of content. With the DPP, you only pay for what you use.”

Atex and Omnipress worked together to develop and launch this platform over a six-month period. Key features of the DPP include:

  • Full-Text and Faceted Search
  • Subscription and Access Management/eCommerce
  • Mobile App Integration
  • Responsive Design
  • AMS and Registration Integration
  • User-Friendly Administrative Portal
  • Search Engine Accessibility
  • My Library Personalization
  • Analytics
  • Sharing Widgets

The Atex Web CMS plug-in “widget” architecture enables the Omnipress Digital Publishing Platform to offer associations many features and options that are often only available in costly, custom-designed systems. With the DPP, associations can do what they do best – provide valuable information and resources to members – while remaining flexible enough to meet members’ needs and budget-conscious enough to satisfy the board.

Omnipress Product Director Sean Lawler says, “Our new Digital Publishing Platform offers robust access control and eCommerce subscription management while providing an intuitive user experience with faceted search, so your content is only a few clicks away.”
By moving content online, associations gain more control over who sees which materials, based on role, membership level, or paid subscription. The DPP provides a platform for associations to do that without tying up valuable IT resources.

Omnipress COO Tracy Gundert adds, “This exciting new platform allows our clients to optimize and monetize their valuable content and allow users to consume materials across a variety of media and devices. Content is one of an association’s most valuable assets. We are excited for the opportunity to help our clients leverage it to the fullest.”

For more information about DPP, visit Omnipress can also be found on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
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