On DVD This Week: ‘Embedded,’ Tim Robbins’ Critique of Iraq War Coverage

By: E&P Staff

A film of Tim Robbins’ play about the Iraq war and the journalists who cover it will be released this week on DVD. The play, “Embedded,” written and directed by Robbins, was performed in Los Angeles and New York, and the DVD version is called “Embedded Live.” Robbins also acts in the play/film.

In a commentary on the Web site for the DVD, Robbins writes: “In May of 2003 I decided to focus my frustration and anger, taking my pile of collected articles and scribbled notes, to try to tell the story of our reckless neo-conservative administration’s march to war, of the unmitigated failure of our press, some who acted more like courtesans than journalists, and also of the tragedy that results when young men and women are asked to engage violently with strangers in a hostile land.”

Robbins revealed that he decided to make a film of the play because “the negative reviews, the hostile attacks of the media establishment, the soldier crying in my arms in the lobby of the theater, the people who traveled 1,000 miles to see it, the vibrant audience discussions after the play and the encouragement and support of war correspondents recently returned from Iraq.”

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