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By: Anna Crane

College student Anita Enriquez found an unusual use for an autumn issue of The New York Times. While most people picked up the paper and read the day’s headlines, Enriquez got dressed in those pages for a Halloween costume ? and now, she might even make a profit out of it.

A second-year biology student at City College in San Diego, Enriquez is an amateur photographer; one of the projects she has always wanted to do is a photo shoot in a temporary newspaper environment. But since the project has never developed, she decided to use the newspaper to make a costume.

After a week of cutting, pasting, and waiting for the glue to dry, Enriquez created a knee-length dress with an intricate corset. “It was a lot of fun, even if it was a little hard to breathe in,” she says. “Most people could not understand how I could walk in it.” But the most common reaction? “They wanted to read the headlines.”

Although most of the dress could not be saved after its first wearing, Enriquez was able to keep the corset. And now she’s thinking about selling it on eBay.

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