OneVision Puts 4D Color Management Technology on the Market

The 4D Color Management Technology solves the most frequent issue with conventional color management via Lab.
The 4D Color Management Technology solves the most frequent issue with conventional color management via Lab.

The PDF optimization software Asura manufactured by the German software manufacturer OneVision can now be used as a general 4D color server, thus enabling significant print quality improvements.

The software company’s new 4D color management technology provides significant improvements in color management that enable the smooth integration of the new standard color profiles for commercial and newspaper printing. Black composition is retained in color space conversion, avoiding register problems and significantly reducing complaints. Thus Asura can be used as a general  4D color server not only for images but also for complex production data.

“OneVision’s 4D color management technology finally solves what our customers tell us is the most common problem of conventional ICC color management,” said Dr. Christian Musewald, head of development at OneVision Software AG. “When converting a document from a CMYK source color space into another CMKY target color space, even black continuous text is not separated on all CMYK plates. This produces an obvious advantage: increased sharpness! OneVision’s 4D color management technology ensures that there is no more blurring of small, multi-colored texts – previously inevitable due to the technically appropriate register tolerances in printing.” This means complaints are down, while printing quality and customer satisfaction significantly rises.

4D color management technology is simple in the new Asura Version 12.9, can be activated without further adjustments and works just as flexibly as conventional ICC color management with normal ICC color profiles and without a proprietary format that differs from the general standard. This means that the ICC color profiles used hitherto can be used without restriction, just as in conventional ICC color management, regardless of whether they are freely available or produced in-house.

When flattening transparencies, black, grey, CMYK grey, RGB blue and Lab grey are no longer unintentionally flattened in CMYK. RGB and Lab are converted into CMYK using Lab. The well-known options in Asura of, for example, eliminating jet black, adding jet black and recognizing greyscale within the various color spaces are of course available in the customary way using 4D color management technology.

Printing houses are complimentary about their first experience with OneVision’s 4D color management technology.

Mr Ovelgönne of the WAIBLINGEN printing house said, “The new 4D color management technology makes color space conversions and language changing much easier and safer. Black components are retained in color space conversions – even when flattening transparencies. Language changes are no longer an issue, even for documents in the wrong color spaces. Using this technology has meant that we are well-prepared for the upcoming PSO conversion and the associated color space adjustments.”

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