OneVision Upgrades Amendo Image Enhancement Software

By: E&P Staff

OneVision, Jersey City, N.J., and Regensburg, Germany, announced more options and functions in the new version of its Amendo image-enhancement software, offering more opportunities to tailor the software to meet production requirements.

Amendo analyzes each image independently and automatically makes all necessary corrections and optimizations in seconds, providing enhancement and color correction that OneVision says can significantly reduce the time and effort needed to prepare images for press.

Photoshop PSD files can now be imported and processed. Other supported image formats also can be converted to and output in Photoshop PSD format. Two different layers can be generated – one containing the original and the other the optimized image. Operators using a page layout application such as Adobe InDesign can then switch between the layers.

Photoshop EPS files can now be imported, processed and output, and other supported image formats can be converted to Photoshop EPS format on output.

Users may now set minimum printing dot values for CMYK images and minimum/maximum dot values for grayscale images. Amendo also now checks if image resolution is higher or lower than a defined preset value.

Rather than modifying an entire image, Amendo adjusts individual image elements to obtain superior results. It improves contrast, shadow and highlight, as well as colors and image sharpness. After an image is optimized, a user can compare the original and the newly created images for a full visual record of the enhancement process before further processing. If additional manual intervention is required, the original is easily exported to third-party applications and re-imported into Amendo.

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