Only a Few ‘Fuzzy’ Clients Seek Alternates to Strips Joking About Pot

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By: Dave Astor

In another example of how a lot of newspapers now accept comic content that’s a little more adventurous, only about 10-12 of the 650 “Get Fuzzy” clients asked for alternates to last week’s sequence that referenced pot smoking.

A United Media spokesperson, when asked today about the client reaction, said she didn’t know how many of the 10-12 newspapers actually used the replacement strips.

Bucky Katt, the feline star of Darby Conley’s comic, announced last Tuesday that he was going to run for president. As the week went on, he unveiled campaign slogans such as: “Get high (socially) with Bucky!,” “Rest ashured: Bucky Katt is on pot!” (over a picture of the cat sitting on a pot), “Bucky Katt: More fun than being stoned!” (the cat claimed he was referring to Biblical stoning), and — on Saturday — “Bucky sez: I will take all yer weed!” (the cat said that meant a neighborhood clean-up).

The United spokesperson declined to comment on newspaper reaction to the sequence or on the sequence itself, saying, “It stands on its own merits.”

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