Orient Super Satellite in Paris, Tenn.

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By: E&P Staff

Installed at The Paris (Tenn.) Press-Intelligencer in August, a new Orient Super three-color satellite unit from Printers House Americas LLC was the latest order in a three-generation customer relationship between the publisher’s family and members of the Taber family who have sold and installed singlewide press equipment at the paper over the past 40 years.

Michael Williams, publisher of the 141-year-old paper, placed the order with Al Taber Sr., president of Roswell, Ga.-based Printers House Americas, exclusive North American distributor for Orient presses manufactured by The Printers House, New Delhi, India.

Their business relationship began in 1967, when Bryant Williams, Michael’s grandfather, ordered a four-unit Community press from Austin Taber, father of Al Taber Sr. In 1973 Bill Williams, the publisher’s father, ordered two Community units and an SC folder from Al Taber Sr. In 1995 Bill Williams bought a used Community unit from Al Taber Sr.

Installation of the new Orient unit was directed by Al Taber Jr., director of parts and service for Printers House Americas, who worked as an erector on the 1995 installation.

The one-page-around Orient Super satellite unit is part of a modernization for the paper, which also prints 16,550 copies of the P-I Plus TMC. The Orient unit increases process and spot color or paging capacity while enhancing color register, reducing the number of sections the newspaper must print and generally simplifying production. Pressroom ceiling height precluded installation of a four-color tower.

With seven black units and the folder, “we really had no formal color capacity,” Michael Williams said in a statement. “We had been using color ink in two of those units with an ‘S wrap’ of the web running under the folder to get four-color for the front and back page of the A section and spot color on two other pages.”

Using that arrangement, the P-I could produce a 20-page product in one section with four-color process on front and back pages. But holding register was a challenge, and limited color capacity sometimes meant asking advertisers to wait a day or two for a position for their color ads.

With the three-color unit, the paper can run two sections with four-color process on the front and back pages of each section. For maximum page count, a 28-page product with process color on the front and back of the section can be produced — 40% more pages.

The three-color unit on the end of the press and an adjacent unit supply full color for the front and back of the A section. “We will continue to do ‘S Wraps’ for color in the B section, giving us a total of four pages in four-color and two in spot color,” said Williams.

The Orient Super three-color unit features swing-down, lever-keyed ink fountains with segmented ink blades for better ink setting and control, variable speed motorized dampening, stainless steel plate and blanket cylinders, manual on-the-run side register for all plate cylinders and running circumferential register on two plate cylinders. Provision is made for printing either three colors on one side of the web or two colors on one side and one on the other.

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