‘Orlando Sentinel’ Promotes Print Redesign Big On Web

By: Joe Strupp

If you want to promote your paper’s print redesign, what better way than to do it on your Web site? That seems to be The Orlando Sentinel’s approach as it makes sure online readers know the paper will boast a new print look this Sunday.

In a splashy multimedia package posted at the top of its Web site, the paper is offering every argument possible for why its print pages will soon have shorter, tighter stories, more graphics and quicker reads.

Starting with a main Web site countdown clock to the June 22 edition, the Web commercial includes several online pages of explanations and prototypes for the new design, as well as a short video with editors explaining what the new look will mean.

“A lot of people look at a redesign and just see that the colors may be different, that the typography maybe changed a little bit, but there is a lot more going on in our redesign,” Editor Charlotte Hall says in the video. “We’re really trying to tell stories in new ways that are more appealing to readers. And we?re going to try and tell the story so that it’s not long and dense and instead tell it in terms that can be visual, yes, but also write better. More incisive writing.”

A key change, the Web promotion says, is on Page One, which will have more color, a digest summarizing the top stories of each section, a teaser to inside columnists, more major local stories, and a daily “can you believe this” item.

The Web site pitch goes on to promote some of the biggest changes in the new print look, with copy that proclaims:

? More graphics and visual, “Expect to see more stories told from a visual perspective, helping better explain issues with the use of graphics, charts and maps.”

? Right to the Point: “Many of our stories will be broken down into clear sections – told in ways that are exciting and easier to understand.”

? Mindful of Your Time: “?we have a scannable digest of news on our front page, plus quick 60-second briefings about news from around the world and around the region.”

? Visual Cues: “to help you find top news, key columnists, and your favorite features.”

? Blogs – “Look on Page 2 of our sections for the latest on orlandosentinel.com bloggers.”

“That does not mean we’re dumbing down the paper,” Hall adds. “It means that we think we’re telling stories more smartly. But we’re never going to sleight the reader on the reporting.”

Managing Editor Mark Russell, also in the video, declares: “For a long time, we have had more traditional stories, and most papers have for decades. And we believe it is time we make stories more accessible for readers.”

The entire Web promotion can be found here.

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