Paul Combs Leaving Editorial Cartooning to Concentrate on Illustration

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By: E&P Staff

Paul Combs, the former Tampa Tribune staffer syndicated by Tribune Media Services (TMS), is retiring from editorial cartooning to concentrate on illustration.

Combs, quoted on Daryl Cagle’s editorial cartooning blog, said: “The market is just saturated with too many talented cartoonists and financial realities being what they are, it’s a sound business decision for me to walk away and place more focus on illustration.”

The TMS creator, who’s in his early 40s, worked for The Tampa Tribune from 2004 to 2006. Combs left that Florida paper to return to Ohio to be closer to family and live in a less-congested area. He continued doing his lavishly illustrated color cartoons, and also worked as a firefighter.

Cagle said Combs’ last cartoon will be dated May 2.

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