PAULINE’S PICKS: ‘Chicago Tribune’ Makes Video About Army Platoon

By: Pauline Millard

One thing that I really like about the way that newspapers are embarcing the web is how platforms such as video can add depth to a story.

The Iraq war is on the front page of almost every newspaper. No matter how many articles are written about it, it’s hard to get a feeling about what it’s like to be there, especially as a soldier. The military has to carefully monitor outgoing information, but on the homefront, we want to see more than just the printed word.

I found this video that the Chicago Tribune put together that covers the Iraq war from several different angles. Naturally, there are interviews with soldiers on patrol in Iraq who give lip service to the government, but there are also poignant interviews with soldiers who wonder why they’re in the Middle East and don’t really understand why they’re there, despite all the pat explanations they’re given.

Most touching are the videos of when the soldiers are leaving. Young army wives clutch tiny babies, and then overtly wonder and worry about their husbands in the hours and days that follow. In this day and age many of them are lucky to get phone calls, whereas past generations could only rely on letters. Not getting a phone call adds anxiety to these alreadfy anxious women.

Has your paper created any special Web content about the Iraq war? I’d love to see it.

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