PAULINE’S PICKS: Reuters Reporters Look Back At Five Years In Iraq

By: Pauline Millard

As the fifth anniversary of the start of the Iraq war approaches, news outlets are putting together retrospectives of their coverage, to see how far we’ve come — or haven’t — since that first shock and awe campaign in 2003.

Reuters has a an interactive feature that includes interviews with three of their journalists. Samia Nakhoul, Goran Tomasevic and Baghdad Bureau Chief Dean Yates offer refreshingly honest takes about the struggles of being a war reporter in Baghdad over the past five years.

Each one of them has been personally affected by the war. Nakhoul was seriously injured in a blast several years ago. Goran saw one of his best friend die in a similar explosion. Yates has had seven staffers die since the war started, all, it seems, killed by the U.S. military in some form or another.

The photos and footage are graphic at times, but there were many shots and angles that even I’d never seen before. It’s defintely worth settling in and checking out, especially since it’s typical of the great multimedia work Reuters puts out.

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