PAULINE’S PICKS: The ‘Detroit News’ Finds An Old Railroad Conductor

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By: Pauline Millard

Detroit is one of those cities that is chock full of history mostly because it’s hit some hard times. Early in the 20th century the city experienced a boom, and now it’s mostly bust, including being high on the list of home foreclosures.

One of the biggest markers of the decline of Detroit was the closing of its train station, The Michigan Central Rail Depot. The building, which was designed by the same people who designed Grand Central Station, opened in 1913 and closed in 1988. Now, it’s a crumbling shell of its past grandeur.

Charlie LeDuff — the same one who used to work for The New York Times, but who is now in Detroit — found an old docket on the floor of the old Detroit train station and sought to find who R. Kelley, the man who signed it, was.

The audio slide show of LeDeff’s journey is extremely well designed, and includes photos from deep within the News’ archives. Again, it’s a great story told in detail in less than five minutes, and you might learn a little history in the process.

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