PAULINE’S PICKS: The ‘Miami Herald’ Looks At The City’s Forgotten Citizens

By: Pauline Millard

You know all those people you see around town? Maybe it’s a homeless guy or maybe it’s the woman who sells roses on the side of the highway. Have you ever wondered who they are, even surfacely? What’s their story?

The Miami Herald wondered, and they went out with some video cameras and interviewed them for their ongoing feature, ’60 Seconds’.

The concept of 60 Seconds is simple: talk to some of the overlooked members of their community and see what they think about life. What do they do for a living? What do they think of Miami?

The answers are surprising. The woman who sells roses says that as hard as Miami is, it’s worlds better than Nicaragua, where she’s originally from. The woman who runs the discount shop gets frustrated when business is slow, since she has a family to support. Not everyone is a pauper, as they also speak with a teenager who lives in a mansion on Fisher Island as well as a male escort.

I like this project not only because it’s simple, but because it gives a voice, however small, to people in the community who may not make front page news. Video is the perfect medium for it, because it literally gives them a voice and an image that could never come through in print.

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