PAULINE’S PICKS: ‘The New York Times’ Looks At Healing Babies In Sudan

By: Pauline Millard

I always like stories of good news, and today on The New York Times Web site there is a short video about how simple healthcare can be in poor, rural areas — if only people can get to it.

Medical care is in very short supply in Sudan, and journalist Nicholas D. Kristof came across a mother in the Nuba Mountains whose infant son, Karlo, had been sick for days. The boy’s brother had died just a few days earlier from similar fever and indigestion.

The journalist was able to give the woman a ride to a nearby clinic, which was just a thatched-roof hut. There a doctor ran a quick blood test and gave Karlo some malaria medicine, which cost all of fifty cents. Karlo, it seems, will pull through just fine, thanks to the journalists who gave his mother a ride to a hospital.

It’s a sweet story, but also raises awareness of how important simple healthcare is and how effective it is, if people have access to it.

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