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Environmental awareness is all the rage these days, but understanding how that affects a community locally can be another issue. Sure, we all want to stop global warming and pollution, but the world is a big place and it can be hard to know where to start.

The folks at The Tennessean found a way to make environmentalism digestable for its readers. They got a video camera and went on a canoe ride down the Harpeth River in Franklin, Tenn. with Dorie Bolze, the executive director of the Harpeth River Watershed Association. Along the way she points out trouble spots on the river, which include effluent from a sewage treatment plant, an old dump, and a spot where a paint company called Egyptian Laquer is cleaning up chemicals it released into the river.

I like this package, which debuted back in May, mostly because of its simplicity. It took only a local water expert, a camera and some canoes to show viewers some issues that were literally in their own backyards. It also mananges to show the lush, green beauty of the Harpeth River, and how important it is to preserve it. It’s an image of nature that could only be achieved visually.

How has your paper tackled the concept of thinking globally but acting locally? I’d love to hear about it.

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