Paws Inc. Staffers Discuss Working for a Birthday Cat

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By: E&P Staff

The Star Press of Muncie, Ind., marked today’s 30th anniversary of “Garfield” with a story interviewing Paws Inc. staffers.

Paws Inc. — founded by “Garfield” creator Jim Davis — is the Indiana-based company where the cat comic is produced and licensing operations are headquartered.

John Carlson’s Star Press story says employees seem happy at Paws, with one indication being that a number of staffers have worked there for decades.

The Thursday-posted article can be seen here.

Meanwhile, the “Garfield” anniversary has been and will be covered by various other media outlets. For instance, an interview with Davis is scheduled to air July 3 on XM Radio’s “Bob Edwards Show.”

The “Garfield” comic runs in more than 2,400 newspapers via Universal Press Syndicate. And there is product licensing in 111 countries.

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