PDF Preflighting from Callas in Acrobat 9 Pro

By: E&P Staff

Berlin-based callas software, supplier of PDF technologies for print production and document archiving, has announced that Adobe chose to integrate callas software’s PDF preflight technology in Acrobat 9 Pro. It is the fourth major Acrobat version to include callas preflighting. Also available to other vendors, the technology is the basis of callas’ recently announced pdfToolbox 4.

Preflight ensure files are ready for production, streamlining the transition from design to print. The latest version supports PDF/A, PDF/E and PDF/X standards, including the recently published PDF/X-4 and PDF/X-5 and complies with the latest Ghent PDF Workgroup specifications.

For Acrobat 9, callas and Adobe also joined forces to implement the Ghent PDF Workgroup Universal Proof of Preflight. As the first product to support this cross-vendor specification, Acrobat 9 further improves designer-production communication by offering a preflight audit trail — with information on whether a preflight was carried out, which specification was used, and verification outcome for a specific PDF. A user also can see if a file was altered since the preflight was last executed.

This process provides more transparent file exchange and avoids having to preflight files in different stages of the workflow, according to callas. The developer also worked to raise operator productivity, primarily by increasing basic preflight performance extending Acrobat’s built-in fixing capabilities. Files are not just checked; they are optimized for the intended production process.

For automated preflighting, fixing and other advanced PDF manipulation, callas also will upgrade its pdfToolbox Server. That and pdfToolbox 4 are scheduled to be released later in the year.

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