Pearl’s Widow Speaks In Pakistan


(AP) The widow of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl appealed to Pakistan’s government and its people on Tuesday to find the people who killed her husband and said the world must unite to fight terrorism.

Mariane Pearl, seven months pregnant with the couple’s only child, also told reporters she would tell her unborn son that his father died a hero. “I am certainly convinced he knew that he was in front of people trained to kill him but also to spread terror in the world,” Mariane Pearl said in Karachi, where her husband was kidnapped Jan. 23.

“His spirit, his faith, and his convictions have not been defeated. And I am extremely proud of him,” she said in an interview conducted by the BBC, which was made available to other news organizations as a pool report.

U.S. and Pakistani authorities revealed the contents of a gruesome videotape Friday that confirmed the death of the 38-year-old Pearl.

Police believe a dozen or more people were involved in the abduction and murder, and that most of them have spent time in Afghanistan as supporters of the Taliban. Authorities are searching for at least four suspects and for Pearl’s body.

“I really … want to say to the people of Pakistan and to the law enforcement people to go on and find the people that killed Danny,” Mariane Pearl said.

Worldwide, “the people cannot just leave it up to the governments,” she said. “People have now to take responsibility.”

She praised the efforts of Pakistani authorities — criticized by many internationally for failing to act in time to save the American journalist. “These people have very limited means, equipment and resources, but the amount of courage, commitment, individual commitment and support, human support, that they have shown me has been amazing,” said Mariane Pearl, herself a journalist. “They remain for me the image of Pakistan.”

“I really want to say that first of all it is not possible and it’s not fair to leave a country without resources to fight this battle alone,” she said.

“I mean, I have wonderful things to say (to her unborn child), I only have wonderful things to say about him, really,” she said.

“You know, if his death can serve to help individuals … to gather the courage to stand up against that kind of evil, then (their child) will just see it. And I won’t have to say anything, right?”

Mariane Pearl also gave an interview to CNN which was made available to other organizations as a pool report.

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