Pearl’s Widow Vows To Press For Justice


(AP) The widow of slain Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl pledged Tuesday not to let authorities forget about her husband’s case.

Mariane Pearl said in an interview on “Larry King Live” that she had recently met with President Bush and Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf to ensure they were personally committed to pursuing those responsible for her husband’s murder, despite the passage of time.

“I want justice to be done, that’s very important, but revenge is going to bring us to a dead end,” she said. “My feeling is that it’s for us ordinary citizens to stand up and fight with great determination, that’s what I’m doing.”

Mariane Pearl, who is expecting a child in May, reiterated Tuesday that her main goal was to stand up to terrorism. She said that she was confident U.S. and Pakistani authorities were still committed to the case.

She met last week with Bush and with Attorney General John Ashcroft, who told her afterward, “The United States has not forsaken your husband.”

Daniel Pearl, 38, was kidnapped in Pakistan on Jan. 23 while pursuing a story in Pakistan related to Islamic fundamentalism. A videotape showing him decapitated was delivered to U.S. officials in Pakistan and is being studied for clues by the FBI.

Police believe a dozen or more people were involved in the abduction and murder, and that most of them have spent time in Afghanistan as supporters of the toppled Taliban regime that sheltered terror suspect Osama bin Laden.

A federal grand jury in Trenton, N.J., last week indicted a key suspect, Muslim extremist Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh, on charges of conspiring to take Pearl as a hostage and then kidnapping him.

The court indicted Saeed out of fear that Pakistani authorities might release him. Pakistan says it reserves the right to prosecute Saeed before considering whether to allow the United States to try him.

“I have anger and I have all kinds of feelings, but I’m trying to overcome them because like the main goal that I have is that we should, you know, really stand up against terrorism,” Mariane Pearl said.

She said she felt her husband’s killers had failed in their goal of instilling fear.

“As far as I’m concerned anyway they haven’t achieved their goal at all, which was to perpetrate fear and paralyze me,” she said. “It didn’t work for Danny either and I hope it doesn’t work on the people watching tonight.”

She said she wants to go back to Pakistan. “Terrorists haven’t succeeded either in making me hate Pakistan or Muslims.”

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