Pennsylvania Newspaper Owned By Top Right-Wing Funder Falsely Claims ID Is Required To Vote

By: Ian Millhiser | Think Progress

The Mount Pleasant Journal is one of several newspapers run by Trib Total Media, a media conglomerate owned by billionaire Richard Mellon Scaife. Scaife’s foundation donated hundreds of millions of dollars to conservative organizations ranging from the American Enterprise Institution to the Federalist Society, and he currently serves as vice-chairman of the right-wing Heritage Foundation’s board of trustees.

Last Thursday, at least one of Scaife’s newspapers printed an inaccurate story headlined “Photo ID required for November election,” when, in reality, a court order suspended the requirement that Pennsylvania voters show an ID or lose their right to vote. The following piece appeared in Scaife’s Mount Pleasant Journal:

Ian Millhiser failed to mention that The Mount Pleasant Journal is a 3,800 circulation weekly. This is not an excuse for their intentional or unintentional egregious error, but I believe it’s worth noting. Look at the layout — which I would suggest may be accurately described as snafus — and other errors in the story.
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