Pennsylvania Paper Adds 10 Comics — And Doesn’t Drop Any!

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By: E&P Staff

As many newspapers drop comics, The Daily Item of Sunbury, Pa., has taken a different route. It just added 10 strips without getting rid of any already in the paper.

The 10 include “Adam@Home” (Brian Basset/Universal Press Syndicate), “Baby Blues” (Jerry Scott and Rick Kirkman/King Features Syndicate), “F Minus” (Tony Carrillo/United Media), “Get Fuzzy” (Darby Conley/United), and “Non Sequitur” (Wiley Miller/Universal).

Also: “Pearls Before Swine” (Stephan Pastis/United), “Pickles” (Brian Crane/Washington Post Writers Group), “Stone Soup” (Jan Eliot/Universal), “The Elderberries” (Phil Frank and Joe Troise/Universal), and “Zits” (Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman/King).

The Daily Item news was mentioned today on The Comics Reporter blog.

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