Personnel Changes at Rumbo Papers

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By: E&P Staff

Meximerica Media, after closing its Austin Spanish-language Rumbo newspaper in late March, announced today personnel and distribution changes at Rumbo papers in San Antonio, Houston, and the Rio Grande Valley.

The three Spanish-language papers, which previously cost a quarter, will be distributed free beginning on Monday. Rumbo also is doubling the number of its distribution points and providing free home delivery.

The company will increase weekly distribution of the papers, to 230,000 in Houston, 120,000 in San Antonio, and 60,000 in Rio Grande Valley. Meximerica is having the newspapers audited by Certified Audit of Circulations and will release new audited distribution number next quarter.

Rumbo Chief Executive Edward Schumacher Matos also announced the appointment of two new executives. Lynne Cook, former vice president of sales at the Houston Chronicle, was named vice president of sales for Rumbo. Jose Rego, former chief financial officer of Metro newspapers, was named Rumbo?s chief financial officer.

Andrew Olivera, previously managing director of Rumbo de Austin, will become managing director of Rumbo de San Antonio. Antonio Ruiz will move into a leadership role on the San Antonio paper?s editorial staff from his former post as managing editor of Rumbo de Austin.

Although the Rumbo newspapers in all three cities had been dailies, the Houston and San Antonio papers are now published on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and the Valley edition is published on Friday.

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