Philly Papers Drop Plan For Controversial Movie Ad Atop Building

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By: Joe Strupp

A plan to drape a large advertisement for an upcoming Jerry Seinfeld movie across the building that houses Philadelphia’s two major daily papers has been dropped, according to Philadelphia Media Holdings.

In a short release Friday, Brian Tierney, CEO of the company that owns the Philadelphia Inquirer and Philadelphia Daily News, said he had withdrawn a petition for a zoning variance that would have allowed the company to place a giant inflatable honey bee and related banners on its building to promote the upcoming animated PG-rated ?Bee Movie.?

?I wish to end all of the buzz by announcing that our effort to seek a zoning variance is not meant to bee,” Tierney wrote in a statement. “This lighthearted and fun effort was intended to support our city?s growing movie industry, to gain some additional national visibility for our city and to put a smile on people?s faces as they passed by this giant inflatable bee and banners.

“Although we did not undertake a comprehensive review and discussion with everyone in the community, we did encounter some pockets of concern,” he added. “As local owners who live in this community and who stepped forward last year to protect these papers and return them to local ownership using our own resources, we would never do anything which didn?t have the full support of our neighbors. And, while we thought that it was a fun idea, we respect the concerns of some and have decided to withdraw our request.?

The plan for such a large-scale ad using the newspapers’ building had drawn concern from local groups, such as the Society Created to Reduce Urban Blight.

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