‘Pickles’ Comic Strip Signs Its 500th Newspaper

By: E&P Staff

“Pickles,” after 18 years of gradual growth, has just hit the 500-client mark.

The 500th newspaper is The Times of Shreveport, La., which is adding the comic Aug. 4. “Pickles” cartoonist Brian Crane will send The Times an original drawing to mark the milestone.

Actually, “Pickles” now has 501 papers, because another client quickly followed The Times in signing on.

“I honestly never thought ‘Pickles’ would be in this many papers,” Crane said of his comic, which stars a senior couple. “I try not to think about it, really, or I’m sure I would probably get stage fright.”

“Pickles” is syndicated by the Washington Post Writers Group, whose comics editor, Amy Lago, said 500 clients for a WPWG strip is “more like 800 in ‘promotion-speak.'” WPWG Editorial Director Alan Shearer explained: “We’ve always been honest with our numbers, because, well, we work at a newspaper. Five-hundred-one is the real number of daily and Sunday clients.”

The Idaho-born Crane, a former art director for an ad agency in Nevada, has also authored four “Pickles” collections.

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