Pinterest for Journalists

By: Nu Yang

Pinterest for Journalists

If you’re a fan of Pinterest, you probably know how to “pin” images of recipes, clothes, and home décor to your board, but what if you want to share the news? Inspired by Pinterest, Newspeg allows readers to “peg” news stories to a board as a way for readers to better organize, collect and share articles. Newspeg launched in January and can be found at            

Chief executive officer and founder Mark Potts has spent 20 years in both traditional and digital journalism, co-founding and serving as editor of As he watched social news curation grow, he developed Newspeg as a tool for journalists and readers.            

To get started on Newspeg, users create an account and add a “Peg It” button to their bookmarks bar. When users see a story they want to share, they just click the button to peg the story and it automatically gets added to one of their topics. Newspeg grabs the headline, source and link to the original story, allowing publishers to keep their brand and drive website traffic.            

“Using Pinterest can be a challenge for publishers,” Potts said. “But they still want to use a social, visual curation tool; we provide an easier way for them to do that.”            

Potts said he wants to partner with publishers on how they can use Newspeg as a “supplement” to their website. One way is to embed the Peg It button at the end of each article, similar to a Facebook or Twitter button, making it easier to share the story. Another way is to use Newspeg as a content management system.

“Publishers can quickly aggregate links together for a specific topic,” he said. “It can really help during breaking news.”

In addition to driving website traffic, Potts sees other ways Newspeg can generate revenue, such as sponsorships and advertisements on the board. Newspeg also collects data on what stories are being shared and clicked on, and then shares the analytics with publishers.

Although Potts did not share the number of Newspeg users, he said Newspeg is being used in U.S. and European markets, thanks to press overseas and social media.

With everything he has seen in his career, Potts said, “Aggregation and news curation has been neglected by the mainstream media. When you see the stats of how many people are sharing links, it’s amazing. This is the kind of behavior we’re seeing.

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