Pittsburgh Post-Gazette to Stop Publishing 2 Days a Week

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has announced it will stop publishing the newspaper two days a week.

According to a letter sent to the newspaper’s employee union Wednesday, the newspaper is shrinking its printing schedule as part of a plan to become a digital news organization.

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One thought on “Pittsburgh Post-Gazette to Stop Publishing 2 Days a Week

  • August 23, 2018 at 1:30 pm

    When I renewed my subscription, at that time, there wasn’t any news about the paper going digital 2 days a week. First of all, it is called a NEWSPAPER……not News Digital. It’s not the same, the reason that I now wear glasses was because prior to retiring, I use to have perfect vision until I had to use terminals and computers at work, now you want to make my eyesight worse. I can’t carry a computer all over the house, or take in out on the back porch in the morning and read the paper. Also, I’m not anything like the characters that are being portrayed in the commercials. I accept change when it makes sense, you should be looking out for your customers. I had a contract with the Post to receive a paper 7 days a week. I think this is a tragedy on what you are doing to your longtime customers. I’ve been reading the paper, especially the sports section since I was in 6th grade. I am a long time customer, but most likely not for long. I only use my computer when it is absolutely necessary, my wife basically uses it. Also, one of the days is Saturday????? That is when all the high school football scores and articles are posted, along with high school boys basketball when the season starts. Going on the computer really hurts my eyesight, I just think this is really wrong. Whatever happened in satisfying your customers. What about people who don’t have computers or laptops, most likely the older people. I think what Mr. Block is doing is wrong, why make it difficult just to enjoy news by going on a computer, when it may be slow, and hard to navigate. Opening a paper is so much easier. Most likely my comment won’t change anything, but I need to express my opinion. I know one thing, I will not renew when my subscription when it expires, I will find other sources or just go clueless in life.

    Thank yoiu


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