‘Politico’ Cites AP Push Toward ‘Analysis’ Stories

By: Joe Strupp

Michael Calderone at Politico.com dives right into the fallout from the controversial ousting of Associated Press Washington bureau chief Sandy Johnson.

In a piece posted Monday, Calderone quotes Johnson criticizing her replacement, Ron Fournier, by saying: “I loved the Washington bureau ? I just hope he doesn?t destroy it.?

Coverage of the 2008 political campaign has contained more than usual share of “opinion” — at least for AP.

The piece goes on to look at AP’s push since Johnson’s May departure to provide more analysis: “In the stories the new boss is encouraging, first-person writing and emotive language are okay. So is scrapping the stonefaced approach to journalism that accepts politicians? statements at face value and offers equal treatment to all sides of an argument. Instead, reporters are encouraged to throw away the weasel words and call it like they see it when they think public officials have revealed themselves as phonies or flip-floppers.”

The entire piece is at:

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