Poll: Public Demands Congress Take Action on Iraq — Many Think Saddam Hanging Will Lead to More Attacks

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By: E&P Staff

A new CBS poll released Thursday finds the public by an overwhelming number asking the new Democratic-led Congress to take action on Iraq. The problem: They don’t believe that party has a clear plan. They also don’t feel the president has a plan.

But at least they have high hopes for Congress, with two and three offering a positive view. But the president’s approval rating has hit a rock-bottom 30%, and even lower on his handling of Iraq, at 23%.

What about the hanging of Saddam Hussein? Only 5% think it will lead to fewer attacks on U.S. troops — while 40% think it will cause more.

A startling 8% say “yes” to the question of whether they think the Democrats have a clear plan for Iraq. The president at least gets 1 in 5 to say they think he does.

At the same time, few newspaper editorial pages have demanded a sharp change in U.S. policy.

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