Power Failure Causes Printing Delay at ‘Honolulu Advertiser’

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By: E&P Staff

The Honolulu Advertiser reports today that a Hawaiian Electric Co. power failure shortly before midnight Sunday caused a delay in printing and delivering yesterday’s edition. The Gannett daily was among 123 mostly commercial customers affected, according to the paper.

Although the paper’s Kapolei plant lost power at 11:27 Saturday night and electricity was restored at 12:41 in the morning, Production Vice President Bill Bogert told his paper that printing was delayed six hours because the computerized press’ components “don’t reset right away.”

When printing was restarted, the day’s edition included all but two sports pages. While some subscribers already had received advance-printed sections, all deadline-printed news and sports sections were several hours late.

A utility spokeswoman blamed the problem on a flashover in an electrical vault on the newspaper’s property. The paper quoted her saying that “it was a freakish thing that it happened to occur where the primary and backup feeds are both located.

The problem was located exactly in the vault where the transfer would normally take place, so it caused both circuits to go out of power.”Last night she said a rat that repair crews found in the vault could have caused the flashover.

The “freaksish” failure “was something we couldn’t foresee,” she added, “but now that it happened, we’re going to take steps to prevent it from happening again.”

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