ppi’s Open Days 2013: Increasing the Value of the Newspaper on all Media Channels

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From startups through agencies to media enterprises. From Berlin through Chicago to Bangkok. As varied as the background of the presenters at ppi’s 13th Open Days – which took place in Kiel from June 10-11, 2013 – was, all were united by a common goal: to secure a strong market position for the newspaper – on all media channels.  

One software solution which supports this in the long term and automates production processes in a cross-media format is ppi Media’s editorial system Content-X. Seven publishers throughout Europe have already installed this InDesign-based software solution, which was launched in 2011. Three customers, the Bangkok Post, Nordkurier and impulse, demonstrated the advantages of this system in their presentations at ppi’s Open Days.  

Magazines and newspapers with a cross-media strategy
According to Marica Verjaal, Head of Media Services at Kurierverlags GmbH & Co. KG, the Nordkurier will have more workplaces and more channels, and yet lower costs: not only will it save money by using Content-X, but will also position itself more competitively on the media market. After making the decision to produce the Nordkurier in-house again, the publisher will start producing the entire content with the editorial system Content-X. Thanks to the integrated InDesign server, only 40 of the 120 Content-X workplaces need to have a full version of InDesign installed. The editors will work directly in the digital asset management system DC-X, where they can see a live preview of the layout of their articles.  

The business magazine impulse, which started up as a medium-sized company after being sold by the G+J group, also spoke – at eye level with its audience – about using the advantages of cross-media text creation in an editorial system.  impulse uses Content-X as a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution in the cloud.  

News: anywhere, anytime
How, when and where do a publisher’s products reach people’s fragmented attention? The answer came from Prof. Dr. Friederike Schultz, Creative Director of exozet group gmbH & Co. KG, and was quite clear: “anytime, anywhere, anyhow and anyline.” Readers like to consume news exactly when they have time to, irrespective of where they are, so it must be possible to access the publishers’ offers anytime, anywhere. This was also what Chiratas Nivatpumin recommended to just under 150 people attending ppi’s Open Days 2013 at the Atlantic Hotel in Kiel. The editor-in-chief at the Bangkok Post deliberately chooses cross-media solutions such as AdX and Content-X for the ad and editorial departments. A reliable tool is absolutely essential for a good story, which in turn is a prerequisite for an interesting newspaper, irrespective of which output channel it is intended for. 

Digital trend
The trend towards media-neutral software for lean and modern production processes is evident in nearly all publishing houses. The new software often optimizes a large number of worksteps, as Dirk Frädrich, Head of CRM Ad Services at SÜDKURIER GmbH Medienhaus, impressively demonstrated, using booking processes for online banners as an example. Whereas this process lasted about 40 minutes prior to AdX, the entire process from order entry to booking in SAP IS-M/AM has been reduced to 10 minutes thanks to ppi Media’s ad solution.  

Just how important diversity is for media companies was illustrated not only by Markus Feldenkirchen, CEO of ppi Media US Inc., in his presentation on the strategies and approaches of American publishers, but also by Jens Nicolaisen, Digital Director of Jyllands-Posten, who presented the mobile strategy of Denmark’s largest publisher, JP/Politikens Hus. A central issue is change management, which focuses on adjusting to customer needs and preferences. The central issue that all publishers should ask themselves is, how well do we know our readers and what do they want? The Danes love ships and are proud of their economic flagship, the maritime industry. On www.shippingwatch.com JP/Politikens Hus has created a premium platform which reports on maritime issues only. A small, yet professional editorial department, which produces well-researched texts and information on special topics, is extremely successful.  The WAZ media group, with its creative multichannel ads, is also successful. Karin Hilbert, Ad Publishing Director at the WAZ Media Group, presented two successful campaigns which were published in the daily press, in free advertisers, in web and mobile offers and on the radio, and which are measurable and make customers happy. The presentation given by Vincent Peyrègne, CEO of WAN-IFRA, showed just how measurable a media company’s success is.  He presented an extract from the World Press Trends for 2013, a collection of reliable data on over 70 countries which make up more than 90% of the market figures. Peyrègne also stressed the importance of change: “The future of the news industry depends on how people become involved and participate in society.” According to Peyrègne, the participation of advertising firms is becoming increasingly important for the news industry.” It is of fundamental importance to create attractive offers for everyone.  

The show will go on in 2014
Information on ppi Media’s new solutions was equally important. Martin Ruhle, CTO of ppi Media, and sales manager Hauke Berndt presented mainly new and enhanced cross-media solutions, stressing ppi Media’s role as a system service provider for publishing companies, whatever their size and specialization – from large to small, from magazines to newspapers. Norbert Ohl, COO of ppi Media, who hosted the event, was extremely satisfied with the outcome and happily announced the date for next year’s Open Days.  June 23-24, 2014.

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