Press Wants to Know if Pro-War Officials Will Send Their Own Kids to War

By: E&P Staff

It’s a question from the press sure to be posed more and more as the months go on, directed at public officials who continue to support the Iraq war: If you believe in the cause so deeply, why aren’t your own kids signing up? Most prominently, President Bush (through his press spokesmen) is now hearing it, but it’s now trickling down to the congressional and state level.

Gov. Mitt Romney of Massachusetts, a strong backer of Bush policy in Iraq — who has give sons age 24 to 35 — heard the query yesterday, from a Boston Herald reporter. Romney, who has promoted National Guard recruitment, replied, a bit angrily, that he has not urged his own sons to enlist — and isn’t sure whether they would.

The Herald tossed the question as Romney as he was honored by the Massachusetts National Guard. “No, I have not urged my own children to enlist. I don’t know the status of my childrens’ potentially enlisting in the Guard and Reserve,” Romney said, his voice tinged with anger, the Herald reported.

Neither the Romney children nor the governor have served in the military, a Romney spokeswoman said.

More than 1,100 guardsmen and women from Massachusetts are currently serving in Iraq and Afghanistan, with 28 Massachusetts soldiers killed so far.

“I don’t think you should be so ‘rah-rah’ for a war that you aren’t willing to send your own family members to,” Rose Gonzalez of Somerville, whose mother, a state employee, was deployed to Iraq in January, told the Herald. “If he thinks the war is so just and so important and we shouldn’t pull out, then he should encourage his own sons to go.”

Nancy Lessin, a spokeswoman for Military Families Speak Out, said, “This is just one more politician who is willing to risk the lives of our loved ones and celebrate sending them off into a war that we never should have [been] in.”

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