Pressline Offers Conversion to Three-Around Printing

By: E&P Staff

St. Louis-based Pressline Services Inc. announced yesterday that it has developed a three-around plate cylinder for use on many existing single- and doublewide two-around presses.

Dubbed the 3volution or 3V, the modification, according to Pressline, enables creation of a new “compact sectional newspaper format.”

Pressline has three patents pending for the technology, which, depending on current cut-off, is able to convert many presses to cut-offs between 14.5 and 15.75 inches, for operation in straight mode only. A dual-feed option will allow a press to retain an existing (two-around) cut-off alongside the three-around modification.

The technology would boost a printing couple’s page capacity by 50%, and could, according to Pressline, reduce not only running time, but also labor, equipment and maintenance costs.

A 3V-converted doublewide press unit running a 44-inch web could produce 24 pages in a format smaller than the Berliner (or, for that matter, 12 pages in the big-broadsheet Nordic format).

The company says it will print prospective customers’ prototype copies at the new cut-off.

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