Pressline Services, Inc. Introduces FlexPress

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By: Press Release | Pressline Services, Inc.

Pressline Services, Inc. introduces FlexPress™ – an innovative press technology that reduces the footprint required for pressrooms. This pressroom revolution allows printers and publishers to expand their productivity, all while reducing workspace, and saving the accompanying building, maintenance and utility expenses.


“FlexPress saves time, money and manpower and helps pressrooms reach their full potential with minimal space requirements,” said Jim Gore, Vice-President of Pressline Services, Inc. “FlexPress also makes single-floor production possible because it requires less floor space and minimizes your operational footprint. We are currently implementing this space-saving technology for  sites.  It is a completely new way to think about newspaper production.”


With FlexPress, publishers and pressrooms can also: configure it in a warehouse environment, which can be leased to reduce real estate expenses; leverage flexible color capabilities by printing color on more pages and easily controlling where those pages land; operate it as a single press or multiple presses; adapt it for commercial print opportunities; incorporate different types of formats, including multiple web widths, and Stitch Tab and 3Volution® (3V®) compact formats.


In addition to the previously mentioned services, Pressline Services, Inc. also offers press overhauls and upgrades, installations and reconfigurations, web reductions and replacement parts. Since its formation in 1995, Pressline Services, Inc. has grown from a company of three officers and a small group of temporary field service technicians, to a company of more than 35 full-time employees.

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