By: Karim Mostafa

Newspapers-on-demand In Sydney

by Karim Mostafa

PressPoint, the print-on-demand newspaper delivery service, has
added nine newspaper partners to its network only weeks before the
Olympic torch is lit in Sydney, Australia.

The most recent additions include three Sydney papers that want to
take advantage of the time difference to get Olympic results printed
and into readers’ hands around the world, almost a full twelve hours
before local newspapers can print results.

The Sydney Morning Herald anticipates audience demand meriting a 32-page
daily Olympic special edition to be published through PressPoint.

While Sydney’s papers want to get international distribution, other
papers want to get down under. New York-based PressPoint intends to meet
the demands of athletes and spectators who want to read their hometown
papers daily in the midst of the Olympic frenzy. Counting the newest
additions, PressPoint now has more than 50 newspapers that can use its
digital distribution channels to provide print-on-demand editions in
Sydney and elsewhere.

‘We’ve been preparing for this event for years,’ said Lance Primis,
chairman of New York-based PressPoint. ‘We knew this is the showcase
event.’ From its trial runs at Atlanta’s 1996 Olympics, PressPoint
officially launched in 1997, knowing the Olympics was an event not to
be missed.

PressPoint has told its partners to include expanded Olympic coverage
in their PressPoint editions, Primis said. Advertisers have responded
to the Olympic opportunity. PressPoint, which sells its own advertising,
has signed on Australian retailer David Jones, Samsung from Hong Kong,
IBM, and HSBC Bank.

PressPoint publishes newspapers by converting PDF files to print. Now the
company is considering the wireless arena. Primis said another round of
financing is being sought in order to meet the demands of publishers who
want the company to handle wireless content distribution.

Primis said PressPoint editions cost newspapers nothing more than a few
hours of time to select and format stories for the digitally distributed
edition. PressPoint handles printing, distribution, and advertising,
eliminating international shipping costs and increasing the timeliness
of the content.


Karim Mostafa ( is associate editor for
E&P Online.

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