Preview of Friday’s ‘Time’ Magazine: Lieberman and Hagel Speak Out

By: E&P Staff

The next issue of Time magazine, due on Friday, features several takes on the Iraq war and domestic politics.

“Independent” Sen. Joe Liebeman receives a mini-profile titled “What Joe Wants,” a key question since he is “the Senate’s one-man tipping point.” Republicans, the magazine says, are “courting him” and Lieberman “has been indulging in some fairly immodest political footsie.”

Lieberman calls jumping to the Republican side, and tilting the Senate, “a remote possibility,” which means there’s at least a chance of that. Time seems to push Lieberman in this direction, as the article concludes: “Lieberman’s GOP flirtation has its risks–and a time limit….The longer he waits to capitalize on his moment, the greater the danger that he’ll be tagged as one of those politicians for whom having power is more important than using it.”

Democratic Sen. Dick Durbin claims that his side still “counts on him as a friend” even though it is “a little painful and awkward.”

Last month, after Lieberman told Democratic chief Sen. Harry Reid that he had “stopped attending the weekly Democratic lunch because he didn’t feel comfortable discussing Iraq there, Reid offered to hold those discussions at another time,” Time’s Massimo Calabresi reveals. “Lieberman has started attending again.” But Lieberman also keeps in touch with Bush aide Stephen Hadley “every week or two.”

In the magazine’s “10 Questions” slot, Sen. Chuck Hagel calls new Iraq commander David Petraeus “a first-rate general, but he’s not a miracle worker.”

Asked if the war would have gone better if Kerry had been elected in 2004, Hagel says: “Well, I don’t think you can go back and undo those kinds of things.”

Asked if he is going to run for president, Hagel answers: “I’ll let you know.”

He says Sen. John McCain is still a friend, but calls his recent stand on Iraq resolutions in Congress “duplicitous.”

He notes that having people with a military background is important, and the only one with that in the Bush administration was Colin Powell, “the one person they listened to least.”

Tomorrow’s issue of Time, dated March 5, features a cover story on the Sunnis vs. Shi’ites rivalry, with a full guide to “Why They Hate Each Other.”


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