Preview of New Book About Bill O’Reilly: ‘Sophomoric’ But ‘Funny’

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By: Kirkus Reviews

Heavily armed with evidence of the vaunted Fox broadcaster’s mendacious ineptitude, a pair of satirists depicts O’Reilly as a threat to the nation’s sanity in the book “Sweet Jesus, I Hate Bill O’Reilly,” to be published by Nation Books/Avalon on May 10.

Al Franken, of course, initiated the current art form of dissing right-wing megalomaniacs, and we hope he’s pleased. Franken acolytes Joseph Minton Amann and Tom Breuer gleefully assail O’Reilly; beat him soundly about the head and shoulders; and keep on kicking him when he’s down. They are relentless and can’t seem to stop belaboring the fun that began with a website (

Though they couch it as an intervention (“Dear Bill, We’ve written this book because we care about you”), it’s mostly a sophomoric lark for liberals. Transcripts of his broadcasts and extracts from his books show O’Reilly, the perpetually outraged talking, ranting head, to be congenitally unfair and patently unbalanced. According to this indictment, he’s a finger-flipping moron, a feces-tossing sociopath and a runway model for the straitjacket. The authors’ proofs include O’Reilly’s diatribes on the estate tax, his calls for national boycotts and his holy war against Hillary, the New York Times and all the evil elite.

O’Reilly isn’t above phony citations (Amann and Breuer follow his lead with their own bootless footnotes) or claiming that Hitler would have joined the ACLU. The authors examine these nuggets of nuttiness, including the splenetic loon’s written works. Not scanted, naturally, is Bill’s phone-sex escapade.

Based on his take on how Katrina should have been handled, Amann and Breuer briefly imagine O’Reilly as president. They call him everything but a poopy-head in this total takeover of the get-O’Reilly franchise. Though unlikely to provoke general riots, the book may well spark a feisty reaction from the no-spin Irishman. The authors append a list of organizations that deserve contributions for having provoked Bill’s ire and the script of “Sweet Jesus, I Hate Bill O’Reilly: The Musical.”

A fully unbalanced, Manichean spin from the left on the icon of the right: vigorous, long and funny.

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